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After over a decade of providing auto, motorcycle, RV and boat insurance quotes to the citizens of Oregon, due to an unexpected death within the family, we have decided to place the domain names sr22.org and sr-22.org up for sale. On September 8, 2011 both domains were appraised. Since that time, the sites have become even more popular. We have included some raw data that was gathered during our last audit below. Both domain names served the same data so they are being bundled together. If you wish to make an offer for the domain names, please send an e-mail to webmaster at sr22 dot org and we will respond to your inquiry.

Here are some of the points laid out for the intrinsic value of the sr22.org domain:

  1. Only four characters in length.
  2. No other iterations available. (.com, .net, etc.)
  3. Extremely competitive field. (insurance)
Monthly Total Hits:5,228
Monthly Files Transferred:4,758
Monthly Cache Hits:288
Monthly Total Pageviews:3,394
Monthly Unique Sessions:1,852
Monthly Total Data Transferred:82.5MB

The value for Monthly Unique Sessions above is extremely important as it specifies that 1,852 separate users visited the site during a single month which is a large part of the value. During the last audit, the site was generating 16 quotes per month.

If you are looking to expand your auto insurance business, these domain names are a great way to do so. Website creation assistance as well as custom programming for our on-line quoting system is available as well.

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